That time I was featured…

Today is July 10th 2018; a Tuesday; my CodeBase hotdesking day. The day is normal but this month is extraordinary!

Let me start with yesterday, when I delivered a half-day workshop on process and project management for creative businesses as part of Creative Edinburgh’s Going for Growth. GfG is a new six-week programme designed run by CE for creative businesses and CE members to be supported through the process of scaling their business.

In my session, I talked about setting intention, turning goals into tasks and how prioritising those tasks can help businesses get projects done within the triple constraints (scope | time | cost) of project management.

** Yawn ** you might say… well, I had such a buzz after it and, I hope I wasn’t dreaming it, my 11 attendees seemed to be really optimistic and energised with the topics I discussed.

In less exciting news, I turned 40 three days ago… okay, we’ll not speak about that in any more detail. It happened.

And as it is a special month – perhaps meaningful, by design by the universe – last week I was named Creative Edinburgh featured member of the month.

I am an active member and attend most of the events, including

I’m a mentor with Creative Edinburgh and more informally with other groups like Start | ED and Edinburgh Napier University.

And some of the projects I’m most excited about delivering include the Edinburgh Shenzhen Creative Exchange launch project. The City of Edinburgh Council’s innovation and investment arm, Invest Edinburgh, commissioned Creative Edinburgh to deliver an exhibition and welcome video for the Creative Exchange’s launch in Shenzhen in 2015.

With only weeks to plan and execute, I worked with a team of passionate and talented people and coordinated subjects of varying availability to deliver the project on time and to budget for the launch in Shenzhen.

And lastly, the week before last, I launched the brand new CE Steering Group in the best way I know how – a short intro and an evening of bowling. The SG is an advisory group supporting Yasmin Sulaiman, CE’s Director, and the CE team, and representing the interests of the CE community and its members’ needs.

I’m honoured to be working with and recognised as an asset within my #burghtribe.


If only I knew I was going to meet you…

Recently, I wrote a little something for my good friends at Creative Edinburgh. If you’re keen to read it, click through here to go straight to the post. Read on for a teaser…

Creative Edinburgh is the largest membership organisation of creatives in Edinburgh and it aims to help creative individuals and businesses create, collaborate and stay connected. It achieves this through various types of events, mentoring and drop-in sessions.

I thought I would send them my thoughts about networking to share with the Creative Edinburgh community, and they did! It was an exercise for me, for no other reason than to remind myself that good things can happen, and they did.

This ‘n’ word means something different to everyone. Take it from this introvert: you’ve got to make it what you want it to be.

Okay, go on and have a read of the blog post now, because If only I knew I was going to meet you I would have met you sooner.

Thanks for reading and I’m keen to hear what you think. You can comment below or reach out to me on one of my social networking spaces.

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Until soon and always…

I wish you all the very best!